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Corpus Delicti-What It Means to Your Everyday Life

Hey Folks, I realize that I rarely get around to posting on here nowadays.  I can honestly say “I’m sorry” to disappoint.  To be frank, while I may be passionate about topics of freedom and believe that they play a critical role in establishing a self-reliant life, my Preparedness Pro duties swallow the majority of my time. With three books that I must finish this summer, the preparation required to host the two 2-hour radio shows every week,  the Preparedness Pro blog writing, research and creation of the Preparedness Pro education events (plus travel) and the creation of recorded training materials, I just haven’t found the secret to finding the time to do more for my passion.  The good news though is that periodically on my Preparedness Pro Radio Show and/or The Self-Reliance Revolution Show I get to have the entire show centered on a topic related to the protection and preservation of our nation’s freedom.  Today was one of those days. So I thought I’d share with you the link of the show for you to listen at your leisure.  I hope you enjoy. Here’s the link: “Corpus Delicti–Injury, Loss or Harm”

By the way, feel free to join us over at Preparedness Pro .com  We’d love to have you join us in our efforts to help Americans become more self-reliant and independent! You’ll quickly notice why I’m so consumed with this other passion and committed to providing “professional, practical, panic-free preparedness education.” And by all means, tune in to our show on Wednesday nights, The Self-Reliance Revolution (6-8 p.m. Mountain Time) on BlogTalkRadio as well as our Preparedness Pro Radio Show on Saturday mornings (10:00 a.m. – noon Mountain Time) Out of over 1100 WWW radio networks, our network is ranked NUMBER 5; and out of all of the shows on our network, my show has been honored to continually to hold the #1 and #2 best rated show. Hope to see you there!