This Is Where I Stand

Just to be perfectly clear, lest any government or IRS officials mistake my intents, I will  NEVER, EVER pay for health insurance forcibly.  This act is simply another covert attempt at another tax and one HUGE step towards communism conjured by evil, spineless, and cowardly individuals.

How dare any  man call themselves an American and yet still believe they have a  a right to take money out of someone else’s pocket to pay for their own health care. Shame on you Americans who are tolerating this act of treason!  Mark my words, blood will be spilt over this issue by the time it is enforced. True Americans will not tolerate this act of a tyrannical government without fighting back.

Tax me out the wazoo, put me in jail, I won’t do it–plain and simple.


6 responses to “This Is Where I Stand

  1. The only problem with not paying taxes is the really big army the IRS has at its disposal.

  2. Kellene- I know this is an old post but I feel the need to comment.
    You expressed this perfectly! I feel exactly the same way. I have sent a letter to
    the IRS asking what form to use for religious reasons to opt out of Obamacare. My tax dollars will not pay for abortion.

  3. Though I’m a year late reading this, I agree with you 100%. Being a retired military man I believe that we as a people need to wake-up and see whats going on around us. Corruption by the government is going ramped. I can see the day when we (United States) will have a revolution. We must fight to keep what rights we have left.

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