For Freedom’s Sake, Boycott Home Depot

By Kellene Bishop

Trevor Keezer in front of The Home Depot. Photo c/o AP Photo/WPTV NewsChannel 5Today’s news shares a disturbing story of a man who was FIRED from his job at Home Depot for wearing a pin—a pin which he’d been wearing every day for over a year. What horrible message did this pin convey? It’s an American flag with says “One Nation Under God, Indivisible.” Horrific, right?

What’s horrific is that Home Depot fired the man because he refused to remove it and replace it with their store sanction pin which states “United We Stand.”  Kind of hypocritical don’t you think? Unless this guy is “united” with the anti-religious and anti-patriotic stand of Home Depot he loses his livelihood!

What concerns me most about this is that the pin was not simply a religious one in nature. It was a quotation from our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance. To me, Home Depot’s behavior in this matter is an act of treason, plain and simple. So I implore every Christian American to PLEASE boycott Home Depot. We must fight back on these issues folks while we still can! Please let your voices be heard!! Contact Home Depot today and let them know that their actions are not acceptable to We The People of this great Christian nation! We cannot afford to be a silent group any longer. 

The main number for Home Depot is 1-800-Home Depot. You can also go to their main site and send them an e-mail. I strongly recommend that you do both!! You can also try 1-800-553-3199. By the way, Home Depot is another one of those businesses that requires you to press 1 in order to proceed in English!

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop.  All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


2 responses to “For Freedom’s Sake, Boycott Home Depot

  1. Kelli, I want to say a few things after reading your blogs. You’ve done a wonderful job putting this together. I respect most, but not all, of what you have to say. I am an agnostic, former christian. I did my homework on the history of religions. No one knows. I do not believe the bible is the word of a god. I’m not a bad person. I think religion has its place. I believe belief is a private matter. Why did this young man feel he had to display his faith? Would an atheist pin be allowed on a uniform?
    This company is only trying to stay neutral – as it should. There are people who don’t believe in any gods, some who believe in many and some who believe in a different god than the christian god. That young man might have been proud to display his pin, but at work he must do what his company wants, regardless of his personal beliefs on the matter. I, as a non christian agnostic am really tired of hearing this is a christian nation. I live here too. So do buddhist, jews, hindus ect. It is all our nation and I’m good for goodness sake. Please reconsider condemning those who are not christians and trying to throw us out of our country. We do not want to live under a governmental theocracy like Iran. Atheists fight for freedom for all….you need us. Thanks for listening. Pam Kunz

    • Pam, I for one do not desire to exile any non-Christians from this nation. However, I am indeed tired of of having my Christian beliefs trampled in the name of “freedom.” I don’t have a problem with someone wearing an athiest pin any more than I have a problem with a Christian not being able to wear a Christian pin. However, to me this was not about a religious statement. it is THE Pledge of Allegiance of this nation.
      I guess it has a great deal to do with perspective.

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