What the Media Didn’t Tell You About Obama’s Vacation

Last month Obama’s family attended several national treasures for a family vacation. What the media didn’t tell you though is about the egregious amounts of money that were spent on this vacation for travel, security, and the extreme  inconvenience the “royal family” imposed on other park goers over the weekend of August 15th.

This particular weekend was touted by by the national parks as a “fee free weekend.” However, instead of thousands of happy tourists who were able to provide a great experience for their families on a budget, Yellowstone park was plagued by grumpy travelrs as they were turned away so that Obama could watch Old Faithful in private.

To shed further light on the actual situation, I’m providing information as portrayed in a letter to the editor which, of course, was NOT published. The author unashamedly provides his information.

From: Roy and Pat Russell
Sent: Friday, September 04, 2009 11:30 AM
Subject: Rabid Liberal News Media

Hi:  The newspapers in the area (we live in) were once somewhat conservative. They are now owned by somebody like Randolph Hearst. Our local yellow journalism rag prints only tirades against the Republicans. No anti-Obama material or letters. The L.A. Times continues to be so far left that it’s blindsided by its own drivel.  I’m including the letter that I mailed to our local newspaper, which, of course, was never printed.

Letters to the Editors:

We just returned from a trip to Wyoming. While there we encountered the president in Yellowstone. He had us ejected from the area so that he could have a private showing of the Old Faithful eruption.

He had arrived with, what appeared to be, five giant, fully-armed Apache helicopters with his family, two dozen relatives, and dozens more bureaucrats and secret service men – in a twenty-limo motorcade. Every ranger within 50 miles was called in to direct traffic and help in visitor eviction from the Old Faithful area. Traffic lined up on the roads for miles since no one was allowed in the area. The place was completely shut down for four hours. Hundreds of people who had schedules had to turn back and not see the famous geyser.

Do you know anyone who gets a multi-million dollar vacation paid for by his employer only after 8 months on the job?

We were also there when President Ford arrived some years ago – in ONE helicopter.  He talked with us and addressed the crowd. Didn’t cost the millions that the current president charged to the taxpayers. But then, they are of different political and fiscal philosophies.

Hope all those “we are the change” voters are  happy with the change – spending millions for a personal vacation while many cannot afford a trip up the canyon – while the nation plunges deeper in debt.

Cordially,  Roy Russell      (At the time, you could read details in local papers and USA Today)


4 responses to “What the Media Didn’t Tell You About Obama’s Vacation

  1. Where it says “relatives”, do you think he means other black people? I mean, is the author familiar enough with Obama’s extended family to know them by sight… from where ever he was ushered to away from the president?

    I’ve actually been held up personally by George W. Bush on 4 separate occasions. Three times on 3 of his visits to Atlanta after which he left in the middle of rush hour and needed a main interstate corridor closed down. One time when he visited Jackson, MS and I was there with my folks and brother’s family. We were all at this natural history museum and getting ready to leave when we got word the main road was closed and we weren’t allowed to leave the parking lot until it was opened up again. Took about an hour.

    We’ll all be much happier when they can just teleport presidents around.

  2. The “we are the change” voters are fine with it since they don’t work or pay taxes like us fools do. When will we stop being fools?

  3. That IS odd, as my family was there last year for our Yellowstone vacation, and we watched as one helicopter flew in; the guide at the stop we were at informed us that it was Obama and his family stopping to see Old Faithful, and that they had been preparing for him all morning (we had also heard the few days before that he was coming – the rangers at the entrance told us to expect it). He said that Old Faithful would be temporarily closed while he watched it, and then would reopen. About 10 minutes later, lo and behold, the helicopter went by again and the Presidential family was gone. Was there a lot of extra uniforms there? Of course. Were we affected by it? Not in the slightest. Old Faithful was our next stop, and we had no issues…
    Weird that this other fellow you mention had such a bad experience as we were delighted to say that we were there at the same time as the president…

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