Cherilyn Eagar-Playing a Game

This past 4th of July weekend, thousands of individuals got together for Tea Parties all over the United States for many purposes. One of which was to send politicians a clear message of how they truly felt about what is going on in D.C. Unfortunately, it’s obvious that some politicians are clueless even when the message is staring them straight on. Enter stage left, Cherilyn Eagar who’s running against Bob Bennett for a Utah Senate seat. On Independence Day she chose to “honor” the wishes of her desired constituents, not by rallying for independence, but simply by doing more of the same ole game- politicking.

At an Independence Day event in Orem, even after being asked by an event official not to desecrate the sanctity of a true Independence Day celebration with her postcards and politicking, she refused to stop.

Being partially in charge of security detail for the event, it was my job to ensure that presently elected officials or “wanna bes” were mindful that we had promised all who attended that they would experience a NON-campaigning event. Just as there is a time and place for bowling, so is there a time and place for campaigning. The Orem Patriot 4th of July Tea Party was not one of those times. This event was solely for the purpose to truly celebrate our Independence Day. On the 4th of July, at Lakeridge Jr. High, Cherilyn Eagar chose to disrespect “We the People” by ignoring repeated requests to refrain from politicking/campaigning. Even after a polite request was issued to her, she refused to stop. Apparently, her objective of campaigning was much more important than the wishes of “We the People” who desired to take a break from having campaign promises stuffed down our throats and instead to let our politicians know what it is we wanted.

Swooping in on her broom with a member of her minion in tow, Cherilyn began stepping in front of those who were viewing the speakers and entertainment and passing out her paraphernalia. With the assurances that this event was a “politician free zone” many attendees were caught off guard and innocently accepted her wares. Fortunately, I was one of the first to be given her clutter. When I noticed what it was that she was handing out and why she was there, I made it known to “Igor” that this was promoted as a non-campaigning event and that we would prefer that she not dispense her information at this time. Igor attempted to get such a message through to Cherilyn, but she refused to take heed. Apparently she felt that she knew better what this group needed. Sound familiar? Instead, she icily informed me that this was a “public” place and that we had elected officials present.

Yes, Ms. Eagar. The Lakeridge Jr. High did offer their property for the purpose of our event. And yes, Madame, there were public officials present. However, some of these publicly elected officials were INVITED to speak with the strict understanding that NO campaigning would take place. Unlike Ms. Eagar, Representative Brad Daw and Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff honored such a request by their constituents. They weren’t politicians that day, unlike yourself. They were Americans rallying for freedom. They understood perfectly the real purpose of that day.

Unfortunately Ms. Eagar showed her true patriotic colors that day and was narrowly focused on her own private objective. As such she missed the desires of We the People that day. Instead she depicted the epitome of what’s wrong with America—politicians more concerned about their own multi-trillion dollar objectives. Of all days, Ms. Eager proved this most poignantly on the 4th of July. After a short while of being rebuffed by other citizens in the group, Ms. Eagar approached me and informed me she “had to go to other events.” She said to me—and YES, I do quote—“You understand how the game is played.” Yes, Madame, I do understand how the game is played. And it’s exactly your kind of game that infuriates me.

Eager specifically talks in her campaign agenda about her desire for “new blood” in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, she showed this past Saturday that the colors of her blood are hued with a self-serving agenda, not a blood of sacrifice for freedom of “We the People.” And by the way, Ms. Eagar, my freedom is NOT a game. I do not take it lightly. Nor do I take your attempt to irreverently tread on it that day lightly either. In my opinion, due to the freedoms that our independence ensures, it’s the most important religious holiday in my book. This past 4th of July gave those of us who are serious about our Freedom and Liberty an opportunity to gather and to strengthen our love and loyalty for this blessed nation. You may have just as well come barging into the middle of a Sunday church service and started passing out your empty promises as to have interrupted a true celebration of freedom and independence that day. Let the record show your true intentions towards the people of my Utah. Please exit stage right.


One response to “Cherilyn Eagar-Playing a Game

  1. Eager has stepped all over herself many times to the point of creating a mess of things. I watched her at the Tea Party rallies only to understand that they were Cherilyn Eager rallies. She’s run from one politician to another “eager” to get their support and step on any toes to do it.

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