Muslims in Mexico

By Kellene Bishop

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If you think that the recent acts of horrific violence in Mexico is merely the manifestation of a heated drug war, you need to look a little closer.  Until recently, opponents of the drug cartel in Mexico were simply executed after substantial humiliation and/or torture.  Oft time the families received retribution prior to the execution or after.  However, the rash of dismembered bodies sends the watchful eye a different signal.  Dismemberment is a tell-tale sign of the radical element of the Muslim religion.  Considering that Mexico is predominantly rooted in Catholicism, yes, even among criminals and drug lords, this newest trend should receive some closer scrutiny.  We are not simply dealing with an out of control drug cartel in Mexico.  We are dealing with a drug cartel which has aligned themselves to Muslim terrorists, and they are at our front door.  

Understand that Muslims do not believe they are subject to man-made laws.  They are driven politically, emotionally, spiritually and in all civil matters by their religious beliefs.  As such, the decapitation of a person’s head and other body parts, coupled with horrific torture is a matter of honor and worship to radical Muslims. 

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Dismemberment is routinely practiced as a sign of utter defeat and impotence of the victim.  It also serves the purpose of causing a psychological disturbance to those who are witnesses of the act, during or after the fact.  It symbolizes a complete and utter separation of the enemy of the Muslim nation and their god.  It also symbolizes an undeniable “separation” of territories, allies, and nations.  Muslims do not use this tactic out of a lust for violence, but instead in an effort to send their separatist message of partitioning the clean from the unclean.  The breaking of bones and castration are also acts of worship and glory to their god for this same reason.  This is so much a part of the Muslim rebel culture that their acts of gore and torture have become their version of pornography.  Outrage and anger is their foreplay.  Death by dismemberment, following excruciating torture is their climactic drug of choice.  This is why they elect for bombs, suicide belts, and exploding cars—dismemberment and ultimate carnage is sure to result and satisfy the evil lusts of these radical terrorists.  It’s no surprise that they often take pictures and videos of their unthinkable acts.  (  These images serve as badges of honor among their brothers. 

They are fueled with plenty of money and passion.  Their lust for carnage and hatred is insatiable.  And they welcome even the smallest reason to unleash it.  Committing vile atrocities on a daily basis is as important to them as our daily prayers, and actually IS their form of worship.  The culture of opposition and destruction rules their every evil move.  Driven by a passion foreign even to the most ardent football fan, their regular use of violence even makes MS-13, currently the most organized and violent gang in our nation, look like a bunch of 90-year-old nuns.  

This is exactly why the horrific piles of dismembered bodies have been on display the last several months throughout the various regions of Mexico.  No effort has been made to hide them, bury them, or minimize the display of horror committed at the hands of the Muslim terrorists.  Make no mistake, these terrorists do not serve as servants or allies of the Mexican drug cartel.  Their religion would never permit such subservience to an inferior group.  The Muslims are indeed in charge of this movement.  I’m certain that even the highest ranking drug czar in Mexico has been put in his place in these matters.  The drug cartel and the Muslims are in an alliance that they cannot escape, which is why they make no reasonable effort to pull back and regroup. 

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This battle in Mexico is not about drugs.  It’s not about weapons.  It’s strictly about the destruction of hope, Christianity, and freedom.  The Muslim radicals are simply using the Mexican drug cartel combined with the morally and financially corrupt populace of Mexico to advance their quest.  They are also taking advantage of our sieve of a border and our misguided apathy.  We would be naïve and far too vulnerable to believe that we are simply battling an overzealous drug cartel or that the battle doesn’t concern us.  Our only hope of battling this evil is to see it for what it truly is.  We must stand firm and strong NOW, even when it seems that we are standing in still waters.  A storm is clearly approaching us, and it is has already begun to infiltrate our borders.  Do we really want to WAIT to act against such an enemy?  Can we afford to continue in our luxury of apathy believing that such horrors only exist in far away lands?

As overwhelming as this enemy appears, they are not all powerful.  They lack enduring hope, faith, virtue, and a passion for freedom.  And yet these traits have kept our nation free and preserved for centuries.  They will not fail us now if we are willing to firmly wield them in our defense.  If we will protect our nation by protecting our borders and our faith, we will not fail.  We can conquer even the darkest of evils and I firmly believe that we must.  

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved. 
You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


4 responses to “Muslims in Mexico

  1. With all respect, I think this so called alliance is b——t… I think the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq had a stronger case that this ‘alliance’. I don’t intend to be disrespectful, I just strongly disagree with you.

    “They are driven politically, emotionally, spiritually and in all civil matters by their religious beliefs.”… That sounds just like the guy who lived in the White House during 2001-2008

    If you want the problem to stop, then STOP DOING DRUGS.

    Thank you.

    • I agree that stopping drugs would be a strong deterrent, however, the more I study on this, the more I’m amazed that an alliance is developing of this nature in many parts of the world. The one that disturbs me the most is the one right on my borders though.
      What does it matter if anyone buys into this article? Well, I guess nothing in the immediate scheme of things. But it may help them to be more aware and insightful as they watch the news if/when it’s protrayed accurately.
      We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

  2. Emerald Robertson

    {Censored for vulgarity} yourself little Alex! I happen to live in Texas and I happen to KNOW that there has been a very alarming trend recently in trail rubbish. Thats right, trail rubbish. Never heard of it? Well, it all that {censored for vulgarity} illegals leave by the tones as they trek illegally into this country. And right square in the middle of all that {censored for vulgarity]? Language manuals on Arab to Spanish to English. Next time you want to call [censored for vulgarity] on someone, make sure they ain’t in Texas sweety 🙂

  3. The Islamification of South America has been going on for a long time as well as the Caribbean.

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