Are You a Three Percenter?

By Kellene Bishop

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Here’s a very important set of facts about the Revolutionary War that every person who would call themselves an American should know. 

  • During the Revolutionary War, only THREE percent of the people actually fought against Great Britain.
  • Only TEN percent of the citizens actively supported that three percent.
  • Approximately TWENTY percent considered themselves to be on the side of the Revolution, but they did not actively participate.
  • Towards the climatic end of the war, approximately THIRTY percent actually fought on the side of the British.
  • The rest of the citizens had no disposition either way.  They didn’t care.  They didn’t want anything to do with what they deemed to simply be a political issue.

The sanctity, liberty, and freedoms of this nation were brought about by the unselfish, honorable, patriotic, committed, and determined acts of a mere 3%.  This three percent didn’t let the comforts of life blind them to the eternal significance of freedom.  They didn’t allow evil speaking to sway what their heart told them was true.  They didn’t postpone their actions for a more convenient time.  They didn’t value their own life over the life and liberty of their fellow citizens.  In many cases, they sealed their testimony of Freedom, Liberty, and Choice with their blood and the blood of their families.  Although it was only three percent, it was still sufficient to create a nation which was to be an example to all the rest of the world of a truly free republic.  This three percent laid the foundation of the most powerful and prosperous nation on the earth.  This valiant three percent manifested to the entire nation, and surely even the world, the unalienable value of hope, faith, family, virtue and freedom. 

The question is does this nation still contain a “three percent” who possess the same traits?  Is there a “three percent” among us who can save this nation from crumbling into a vile, unrecognizable society?

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There are presently over 300 million Americans in the U.S.  Of that number, over 78% profess to be of a Christian faith-believing in God, believing in His might and His Gospel.  Is His Gospel not rooted in freedom?  Freedom to CHOOSE between right and wrong, between freedom or slavery, between good and bad? 

I need not remind you of all of the atrocities which have been committed against this people by our elected government.  We all know that taxes are horrific, Constitutional freedoms are threatened at every turn, and law-abiding citizens held indefinitely without charges being filed, or any due process of law.  But allow me to share with you just a small evidence of infringement on your peace and sovereignty which threatens every good thing you believe in today.  

As you well know, the MIAC report issued out of Missouri proclaimed the authority and right to label honest, law-abiding citizens as terrorists.  If a person voted in favor of a political change, rallied for lower taxes, defended the life of an unborn child, or believed in a person’s right to defend themselves with a firearm, they were unequivocally convicted as a terrorist without any evidence, historical patterns, or facts of any kind to support such claims.  While this ludicrous report was eventually “rescinded,” and the person who wrote it dismissed, it still should serve as a warning shot to Americans as to what the “enemy” really thinks and how they intend to pillage our rights away. 

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Lest we try to believe that it was the result of some overzealous government employee and a fluke, the head of our nation’s security elected to copy the very points of this message and even added more freedom-robbing fangs to it.  Janet Napolitano issued her version of essentially the same message, only this time adding insult to injury by lumping in honored war veterans as potential terrorists as well.  No real apology or retraction was issued on this particular threat.  Not even the attempt to lie to the public and call it a “mistake” was offered.  Instead, she merely apologized “if” any veterans were offended by such a statement.  Again, such opinions were issued to without any basis of fact, research, statistics, or even politically supported hypothesis.  In fact, the DHS eventually issued yet another version of the original message with very little changes from the first, still targeting those who believe in the Constitution and leaders who would support it, lower taxes, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, etc. and labeling them as potential terrorists.  This publicly released message has already done damage to SEVERAL of our citizens with some being stopped and detained by law enforcement personnel for displaying a simple bumper sticker.  Realize that if the description of “terrorists” or “right-wing extremists” as created by Napolitano were to be applied to the American people, over 75% of them would fit this description in one way or another.

Now we’ve got a truly evil Congressman who’s proposed to abolish 2nd Amendment rights to ANY person who would fit the description of the infamous DHS Watch List.  Never mind the fact that these Americans have not done anything wrong, and that they would be punished in the name of “preventing” a terrorist act.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., has sponsored H.R. 2159, the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009, which permits the attorney general to deny transfer of a firearm to any ‘known or suspected dangerous terrorist.’  The bill requires only that the potential firearm transferee is ‘appropriately suspected’ of preparing for a terrorist act and that the attorney general ‘has a reasonable belief’ that the gun might be used in connection with terrorism.  That’s right.  King wants Eric Holder to forbid any person he “presumes” to be a suspected terrorist to suspend the 2nd Amendment rights for those individuals!

This is an absolute outrage!  It would enable the federal government to suspend a person’s Second Amendment rights without any trial or legal proof and only upon suspicion of being dangerous.”  Now do you understand why I call Rep. Peter King “evil?”  He and Napolitano and any other citizen of this nation who would desecrate the U.S. Constitution in this manner is SHEER evil!  Even more importantly, these threats on our peace and security are just the tip of the iceberg. 

How much more do we have to see or be threatened with before we take a stand, before we are proactive in the protection of our Liberty?  Do you need to have DHS crashing into your door before you write a letter, e-mail or send a fax to your political leaders?  Do you need martial law declared?  Do you need to be dragged away in handcuffs and incarcerated for praying over your food in a restaurant?  Do you need to be turned away from a voting booth before you really see just how far we have fallen from the tenet of “liberty and justice for all?  Why isn’t YOUR governor issuing a clear statement of sovereignty to the Federal Government on behalf of your state’s citizens like Oklahoma, Montana, and Texas?  Because they haven’t heard from YOU, that’s why.  Because they have every reason to believe that you simply don’t care.  And if you don’t care, they aren’t about to do anything contrary to that apathy.

Where are the Three Percenters of our nation today?  If no one will stand, do we deserve ANY of the freedoms God would bestow upon us?  Do we really expect our prayers of protection and safety to be heard when we will do nothing to protect ourselves?

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Whether or not the “three percenter” stories of the Revolution are 100% accurate, it can still be logically applied today.  Three percent of our present adult voting population today would be about ten million.  Even Hitler was fearful of the wealth and political power wielded by less than ten million Jews in Europe.  But we don’t need to stop there because ten million individuals who are committed to taking action in the name of freedom, liberty, honor, and justice can easily affect another 5 to 10 people each.  That would provide us with fifty to one hundred million people committed to “liberty and justice for all.”  Not even an evil, maniacal, dictator can ignore those kinds of numbers.  Even the mainstream media can’t call that a red-necked, bigoted fluke.

Since I believe firmly that God is the same yesterday, today, and always, and I believe that He has a genuine interest in the freedoms of this nation, that we may assist in promoting freedom and refuge to the rest of the world, I MUST believe that the Three Percenters exist today.  Surely there are 10 million Americans in this nation that are willing to stand up for the freedoms and liberties of their nation every day.  Freedom can’t afford a day off, and neither can its influence.  Even a mere 10 million would provide a political force for good so powerful it would drown even the loudest, most shrill voice of evil.  The darkest space, tucked away 20 feet below the earth cannot withstand the light of one simple candle.  A simple 25 minutes a day to protect your country, your peace, and your family is surely a small price to pay, isn’t it?  And yet 25 minutes a day spent becoming informed and then having your rational, educated voice be heard is all it would take to bring about a marvelous change for ALL citizens in our nation.

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All of our dreams and hopes for us and our families are meaningless without freedom.  Thus true freedom must always be our primary concern—not what Oprah said, who’s on the front page of People magazine, who’s in the playoffs, or what the season finale of “Lost” holds in store.  Regardless of how great or marketable your next business idea is, it’s meaningless and financially worthless without freedom.  We do not have the luxury of providing for our families, pursuing a career, educating our children in a moral and ethical manner, enjoying the fruits of our labor, or celebrating life’s highlights without the firm and unshakable presence of complete and undefiled liberty.  Everything you value is intrinsically connected to your level of freedom.  Should not the cause of freedom then be worth 25 minutes a day to you?  I assure you that a mere 25 minutes a day would be like a walk in the park to our present military forces, and certainly not equal to even an “enth” of the sacrifice that our forefathers and mothers of the Revolution gave for YOU.  

Be it known to every citizen of this nation.  I AM a Three Percenter.  Even if I were to stand alone it will not excuse me of the obligation I know I have to stand firm for the liberties which God has bestowed upon all of us.  Even if all other person’s would refuse to fight for these freedoms for themselves, it would not excuse my own acts of apathy.  I will not desecrate His gift to me nor spit on the sacrifices of my forefathers by ignoring this duty.  Regardless of the strength of the political parties which would wield their sword of evil against all that I hold sacred, my duty still is to support and defend against such forces, because I answer to God first and foremost.  Evil will eventually crumble, but I will have to answer to God forever.  

Are you a Three Percenter?

Look for coming soon!

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.
You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.

57 responses to “Are You a Three Percenter?

  1. The Declaration of Independence 2009

  2. I thought it was 5% but I can also believe from looking around at the apathy and fear I see today that it was only 3%.

    Been fighting this fight my entire sentient life. Since 1968 when I was sixteen and had just read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Those documents changed me forever…..

  3. In a way, your article is comforting in that we do not need to motivate everyone to activity… although that would be good. If three percent can defeat the strongest military power of their time, there is no reason why we cannot be victorious. I am reminded of something Samuel Adams told us: “It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.”

  4. I’m ready. I’m willing to be part of the 3%!

  5. Fernando Villamar

    Count me in.

  6. Kathy Studebaker

    My husband and I can be counted in. It’s getting worse daily. I wasn’t this worried during the cold war.

  7. I am ready and willing to die…. that men shall live free.

  8. Excellent article. Thank you… Waiting for the website!!

  9. I am now and have always been a three Percenter and since I’m retired military by the above article that makes me a double 3 Percenter.

  10. Excellent posting! I’ve taken a short trip through your blog and am very glad to have met you. And I’ve bookmarked you. I consider myself a 3%-er. Like you, I am using the power of blogging to say things that many just “touch around the edges.” More of us should be using this powerful tool of the Internet – while it’s still freely available – and “be a voice.” Thank you for this excellent writing. Oh, and I’ve added to my list of quotes, from what you said here:

    “Freedom can’t afford a day off.”


  11. I get the impression that you aren’t aware of Mike Vanderboegh’s “Sipsey Street Irregulars” Threepers. Before you get too wound up with, you might want to check Mike V’s blog at

  12. Great piece which I just discovered along with the community at I’ll be linking and referencing this, and will place you in my blogroll at

  13. I am in! I’d rather die trying than sit back and watch this country go to hell.

  14. Count me in!

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  17. I’m in all the way for freedom!!!

    …I just need a ride.

  18. My wife and I stand with you!

  19. My fore-fathers fought in the Revolutionary War, so I guess I am a 3%
    person in several ways, even if I am a 73 yrs lady. I believe in Freedom for my County and pray everyday for it and that it will be the USA that I knew when I was growing up. Yes, I would fight for my country and have the guns that would help. My husband is 81 and was in War War II, at the age of 14 yrs old. He feels the same way. We would both go down fighting for this country. God Bless America!!!!!

  20. Hello Kellene~I’m a 3%er!! I’m a mother, & a Grandmother. I have only been on a computer since March 2010, & it’s Dec. Because I got on FB, & re-connected w/classmates, I also started getting into Politics actively. I found out 3 weeks ago, I was on “the list!!” Someone turned 4 of us in for a comment on our rights, & I was talking about voter fraud, & the R.F.I.D. chip, etc. I confirmed through this gateway of Knowledge, things I already knew!!! They are telling me, how many friends-Patriots, Tea party, that I’m allowed!!! I am angry, & know this is our freedom of speech, going next!! I will not let them say that God is not real, & watch our Country, & Constitution be burned!!

  21. Most of the angry are not out marching in the streets, waving signs or shouting into bullhorns. And they are not smashing windows or phoning death threats to politicians. They are simply waking up angry in the morning, and going to bed angry at night. And their resentment is multiplied by the media’s efforts to portray them all as dangerous, crazy people, and by the effort of certain Democrats to tar them with brush of violent intent.

    They are embittered, too, by the rhetoric of a triumphant president who turns on its head Winston Churchill’s heroic attitude promising defiance in defeat but magnanimity in victory.

    For a president of a deeply divided country, defiance in victory is not an endearing posture. It has all the persuasive charm of a Chad Ochocinco victory dance in the end zone of the opponent’s stadium.

    These quietly angry people gather in their churches while their religions are called divisive and their beliefs are labeled as bigotry, and they pray for a better day. They talk among themselves in their Main Street cafes, at the Rotary club or at their kids’ softball games, seeking others who understand their frustration and will not respond with arrogant dismissal.

    They are tired of being told they are too stupid to understand the country’s complex problems, too rooted in the past to find solutions, too selfish to share what they have worked for with everyone else who wants it.

    They are not reaching for guns or for pitchforks. They are holding their anger within, waiting for their time, watching those in power over-reach and over-indulge.

    Their wound is deep, and it will not be salved by more presidential speeches, Congressional hand-outs, or promises of wonderful things to come. They no longer believe any of that. Their quiet rage abides, waiting till it can be expressed in that silent place behind the curtain where the ballot lists the names that they have now committed to an angry memory.

  22. Emerald Robertson

    I have never left! Sorry I couldn’t resist. The only problem I have here is that I recently moved to my new state of Texas and live alone in the country so don’t really know any like minded peeps. I’m not a drinker and hate the bar scene so where else does one meet other like minded AMERICANS in boondocks TX? Also, now that obummer and his little fccers have control of our net, we aren’t even safe on here to speak openly.So, what’s on the menu anyone?

  23. Phillip W Ogle

    III% forever…… fight for freedom everyday if that is what it takes! Till the death I stand on this foundation, The Foundation of Freedom for EVERY American!

  24. — We would need 9 million Patriots(3% of 300 million) to actively pursue a Revolution aka FIGHT– be it peaceful or forceful (although force has already begun on their side).

    — There would need to be 30 million people who would actively support and assist the 9 million who would resist the tyranny of the Fed. Government.– 10% of 300 million

    — We would have 60 million people who would consider themselves on the side of the Revolution(ie moral support/sympathetic)– 20% of 300 million people

    — At least 90 million Americans would fight against us in an open civil war. (think TSA, ATF, HSA, FBI, CIA, SS, IRS, local police/sheriff, national guard, some military)–30% of 300 million
    (Anyone know how many people are currently employed by those groups above?)

    How many do we have now? Any ideas..or statistics?

  25. I’m a 3% er, always been a rebel a heart, always attracted to fight for that which is right, a true believer that God instilled that in me for a BIG reason. TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER ! UNITED WE SHALL STAND !

  26. Two Tour Nam Vet

    Since the first conflict between the American Indians and early colonists, only 3% of the TOTAL population of the United States has ever served in a combat zone, and only 10% of the TOTAL population of the United States has ever served in the military. The TRUE 3%ers in this nation are those who have served and fought in combat ……..

    • As a person who never misses an opportunity to truly thank and volunteer for functions which thank and support those who have served in the armed forces, I feel your comment is myopic at best. Only a jerk could take an article such as this and transform it into an insult towards those who have served in the military AND the others who are indeed vital to the restoration of freedom in this nation. You might want to consider using semi-auto instead of full-auto next time your fire off your short-sighted perspective.

  27. I have been Instucting Rifle marksmanship and teaching American history for awhile now so I am part of that 3%

  28. I proudly stand as a 3%’r.

  29. Count me in! I’m a great marksman but health issues exclude me from any thing physical. I can still pull a trigger though!

  30. I sure to hell will be.

  31. I’m ALL IN till I die!!!

  32. They already call me a 1%er. What’s another 2% amongst friends. Charge on patriots!



  34. put me and hubby in for 3 %

  35. I’m in it till we win and if I should die then I can tell my Lord that I have fought a good fight. I John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Our forefathers fought against unbelievable odds for our freedoms and we must fight against those same odds for our children’s and grand children’s freedoms.. You cannot take something from someone who is willing to give it. May God Bless US All who stand against Evil and may liberty be preserved for future generations.

  36. Count on me for a 3%freedom fighter.

  37. 65,376,373 gun sales since 2008. In addition to the X hundred million guns already out there. We have the three percent and then some, and we are getting more every day. America is an idea, and once people get it, the lies have no power. More and more people than ever get it NOW. Be of good courage, our cause is just. America will repent, reform, and be restored – it just remains to be seen whether that happens BEFORE or AFTER Jesus gets back. Regardless, our duty is to stand, and defend our children and grandchildren, our neighbors and friends, widows and orphans. The enemy can desecrate my flag, whether he is within or without, but he can never desecrate my faith

  38. Reblogged this on The Legitimate Libertarian… and commented:
    A Great Article, definitely worth the Read

  39. What were Canada and Australia thinking! Look how rough they have it. I bet Australia wishes it could get involved in all the mid-east wars.

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  43. Do not care about the rest,I know this country is worth fighting for.I cannot in good conscience not fight for my Grandkids sake.I would rather die or be incarcerated for my beliefs than have them think of me as a coward..

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  45. I am a descendant of a Revolutionary War fighter and he is probably turning in his grave at the hate the Repubs are spewing – the lies and hatred are not what we should be about.

  46. I am a ready to up hold the rights and liberties that our great nation was built upon not what it has become .

  47. May God continue to bless this great country called America . Let us always remember that Freedom isn’t Free, it was paid for with our founders / forefathers blood..

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