National Security Letters


Perhaps you’ve seen this story in a great spy movie: 

Your attorney receives a request from the FBI.  They tell him to turn over all of his information, all files, records of communications, and e-mails that he has on you.  They then tell him that he’s forbidden from even tell you about the request or anyone else for that matter.  The FBI tells your attorney that “attorney/client privilege” does not apply in this matter and that if he doesn’t comply or violates the gag order he will be fined and put into federal prison for 5 years.  The FBI claims that the basis for their request is because they believe they MAY FIND SOMETHING on you which connects you to a terrorist investigation.  No.  They don’t have probably cause.  No, they don’t have any prior evidence.  No judge has authorized this request, and your attorney is not permitted to speak with a judge, a member of Congress, or any law enforcement official about the request.  Your attorney asks to see a search warrant.  What he is provided with instead though is a letter written and signed by the very same FBI who is making the request for your information.  Wow.  What kind of scary nightmare film is this?

Unfortunately, it’s not fantasy.  It’s very real.  And it’s brought about as the result of the so-called Patriot Act.  The FBI and other government agents are permitted to write their own broad search warrants, called National Security Letters.  By gagging you through an NSL request, they are preventing you or anyone else from speaking about the injustice of such a request, and are clearly violating your 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendment rights. 

For more detailed information on this egregious affront on the U.S. Constitution click here:

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